Antiaging Cutaneous BioStimulation: Plaletet Rich Plasma

Natural Premature Aging Regeneration




What is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)?


It is a natural product obtained by centrifuging blood and separating the plasma from the other cells. The blood comes from each patient; therefore, there is not risk of virus or some kind of infection. The separated plasma is combined with substances that activate and release "growth factors" that are responsible for celular regeneration of the aged tissue.

PRP rejuvenation?

Plaletet Rich Plasma and growth factors help skin cells to regain their texture and skin quality in order to get back a rejuvenating wrinkle-free skin.

How long to see changes?

Growth factors have their effect on tissue and it takes a few days to regenerate aged skin. Within a week the patient will be able to notice a stronger skin texture and less wrinkles, by the 30th day the regeneration will be completed.

How many sessions are required?

The number of sessions depend simply on the patient´s current skin condition and how aged it is. We recommend about 3 sessions to begin with. Also, we strongly recommend a healthy diet, no smoking and lots of sunblocking cream.

Is PRP painful?

Facial mesotherapy is hardly painful. However, to make the procedure a lot less painful for some patients we use local anesthesia.

Does PRP have advantages over other treatments?

Yes, it does. PRP has no side effects compare to other treatments that use chemicals and can cause to some patients allergic reactions. PRP uses the same patient´s blood; therefore, it is completely risk free. There is absolute no risk of infections or transmission of any type of diseases. This procedure is done by a specialized and certified medical doctor.



Is PRP for everyone?


Yes, it is. This treament can be done in men and women who present wrinkles or signs of skin aging. PRP does not require any previous preparation and once it is done completely, the patient can go back to work or to whatever activity he or she needs to do. PRP regenerates aged tissue throughout the days being more noticeable after 10 to 20 days from the initial treament.

(This treatment is not recommended for smokers due to the toxicity and the fact that smoking takes away oxygen off our cells, which impedes in this case skin regeneration).


Cutaneos Aging:


Flaccidity and Cutaneous Degeneration

Double chin

Wrinkle Filling

Eye wrinkles

Hair Recovery

Hair grow restauration


PRP is used in many different types of skin aging and general degeneration due to accidents or simply our regular age cycle. It is commonly used for tissue regeneration, scars, articulation problems, tendons and treatments involving cell regeneration.




Detoxification Therapy

Cellular cleaning, toxic drainage.


Our detoxification therapy is done with detox patches who work by absorbing the toxins from the palm of our feet. To enhance the draniage therapy, we add a homeopathic formula that helps cleaning our body.

The main effects of this therapy are:

It reduces toxic overdose in blood.
It improves blood flow and cardiovascular activity.
It provides energy to our body and mind.
It drains free radicals.