Natural remedies








Biological medicine is based on Homeopathy and many other therapies that have their fundation on natural bases. Homeopathy was discovered by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann about 200 years ago. He stated, "You will be cured with the same thing that makes you sick". Homeopathy treats all illnessess in a way that intends to cure rather than just simply calm pain or provide temporaly relief. It intends to find a cure by performing several analyses, which include the patient´s clinical history, homeopathic substances and medical expertise.


In the same way, clinical history is matched with medical experience, homeopathy medical research, which is basically related to substances that come from nature and those substances are mixed to find the right treatment for the right illness.







Energetic Stimulation



This therapy comes from China and it has its beginnings for over a thousand years. It comes down to placing needles in different areas of our body following accupuntuctural maps where energy flows through channels.

Likewise, Organs and tissue are connected in accupuncture, so with this therapy we intend to unblock or stimulate energetic zones that have been blocked or damaged because of sicknessess.





Plasma Auto Transfusion

Inmune Activation


In this therapy we extract 10 cc from the patient´s blood. Then, we get the plasma and we prepare it with homeopathic substances to activate its inmunological and powerful qualities. This therapy is done by intravenous way.


Indeed, intravenous way is the best transportation for plasma, because in the blood torrent this potent formula can help our system to destroy bacteria as well as stimulating the formation of new defense mechanisms.






Biomagnetic Pair



Biomagnetism was discovered by Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán from Mexico. It uses a pair of magnets that are placed in different parts of the body in order to even out pH and erradicate viruses, bacteria, fungus and parasites. The amazing result of this therapy is the fact that we will regain our well-being in a clean, fast and more importantly natural way!




Tissue Regeneration






Magnetotherapy uses magnetic fields that are personally designed as a chair in which the patient stays seated for several minutes for a certain amount of therapies depending on the pathology.


Likewise, Magnetotherapy has a very special purpose, which is to regenerate all of our tissue in a very quiet way. Potassium, Calcum, Phosphorus and many other natural chemical elements are absorbed in a very potent way, while the patient is exposed to the magnetic fields.





In the same way, this therapy helps cells to absorb oxygen in a very efficient manner. Oxygen and magnetic fields both help to block abnormal cells, which are the ones causing all of the symptons that later on, turn into illnesses such as cancer, heart attacks, strokes and much more.


As a tissue regenerator, magnetotherapy is an excellent method to increase the development of new tissue such as bone, cartilage, arteries, veins, and capillaries.


Intravenous Serums

Drainage, Restauration and Cell activation


Most of our treatments include a few amounts of intravenous serums, the reason? Simple, it is the best and fastest way to transport the substances that ultimately cure our sicknessess.  We have many different types of serums:


Anti-anemic – Weak deffense mechanism

Anti-oxidant - Drainage of toxins, toxicity and heavy metals.

Essential trace elements – Cellular Estimulation and chemical absortion.

Homepathic – Depending on the illness

Quelation - Cleaning arteries and blood.

Neural – Restoring cell balance.

Polarized mix – Drainage of water retention.

Revitalizing – Vitamins and substances that restore our energy.


Every single one of these types of serums has a very special purpose; most of them have substances that help our body to drain toxines, some of them help restore the right functioning of our organs, and some of them regenerate our cells and helps us to revitalize our organism.








Neural Therapy

Pain Relief, well-being take over


Neural therapy has its action in the neuro-vegetative system where all of the stimulus interchange starts. It uses procaine and other homeopathic substances that transmit energy to the affected area or tissue in order to eliminate blockage or pain.






Destruction of micro-organisms through electrical impulse



This device was invented by Dr. Hulda Clark, it uses micro current and electrical impulse that is fatal for bacteria and parasites but has no negative effect on our body. With this therapy we are able to erradicate parasites, bacteria, virus, fungus and many other micro organisms and its eggs in only a couple of sessions.