What is a Functional Assessment?


It is a unique type of medical consultation with specialized medical doctors in which we do a throrough analysis of bioelectrical and organical changes that come along with functional damages. These are the main reason for premature aging and the development of illnessess.

This Functional Assessment (FA) is done in 10 minutes by which we are able to find the patient´s current health condition as well as analyzing the functional deterioration of the patient´s main organs, systems, glands, hormones, neurotransmitters and many more analyses!


Why is important to have an FA performed?


It is important to have an FA performed because all of the symptoms that come along with illnessess and premature aging are the simple expression of toxicity accumulation that we have kept inside our body throughout the years. It is also the result of many functional damages that our body has not been able to repair properly.

The FA allows our specialized medical doctors to establish an individual and personalized therapeutic plan, which is determined to correct the functional deterioration of our affected organs and systems that are altered by chronical diseases and premature aging.

Indeed, the most important reason to have a functional assesssment performed is the fact, that we can assess the current health condition for every organ and system. Fortunately, we are able to begin early treatments to illnessess such as cancer that can be cured completely if they are diagnosed on time!



Oxidative Stress


This live cellular analysis is based on the research from Dr. Bradford. He found out that by taking out just one drop of blood off a patient, we are able to use optical microscopy to analyze the levels of oxidative stress on blood.


What is Oxidative Stress?


Oxidative Stress is the result from an imbalance between the producion of free radicals (toxicity) and the antioxidant ability of an organism. When free radicals overcome the antioxidant defense mechanism, the unfortunate outcome is cellular damage, physiological disorders and pathological changes.


Moreover, Oxidative Stress is extremely dangerous because it does not present specific symptons and through common analyses is not easy to identify it.


Furthermore, Oxidative Stress speeds up premature aging and helps in development of Alzheimers' disease, heart attacks, pancreas diseases, brain damage and much more. The list goes on up to 300 (three hundred) diseases.



Ultrasound Scanner

Non invasive diagnostic complement

Aside from our diagnostics systems: Functional Assessment and OxyScanner, we can now complement these systems with our brand new service of Ultrasound Scanner, which allows us to provide our patients with high resolution and latest technology Ultrasound imaging techniques.


In fact, this Ultrasound Scanner reflects live images from the patient´s organs, glands as well as many other diagnostics. The most important feature is that it does not represent any sort of pain to the patient because it is totally non-invasive.


Some of the Ultrasound Scanner advantages are:


Minimum previus preparation
It determines the current live health condition of an organ, gland and more.

It detects cysts, micro-cysts, and other types of mass.

It allows us to complement what we have found on our Functional Assessment.


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